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Posted by: boluo524 on 1/21/2019 1:32 PM

To add to that, it is probably best to space out the F2P Bosses. We got Obor in Oct 2016 and [url=][b]cheap runescape 2007 gold[/b][/url] Bryophyta in May 2018; adding another 2 in Summer/Fall 2018 would be a bit too quick. Since F2P don get many updates it is better to pace out updates like new bosses rather than giving a bunch in a short span of time and then little after that. So I say it is better to focus on the other improvements now and save the Ice Giant Boss for later.
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Though if you did want to add another boss, I say the Giant Mole would be a far better update/expansion. Just make the area F2P, give F2P Candles, make the Hides and Claws F2P, and remove the members items and it could be pretty decent boss. F2P could trade the Hides and Claws, but they wouldn be able to redeem them for Bird Nests.
Given how slow F2P players would kill the Mole and the limited F2P worlds, it wouldn have a significant impact on nest prices but it could still be a decent F2P money maker; at least as far as F2P PvM goes. Also, it might be worth adding a Prayer Altar to Falador to go with it.Obor and Bryophyta have already provided a decent F2P endgame so I can say there is a big rush to add more.
Hello, I am the one who posted this. I would like to know why you do not find Google definition to be sufficient."a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole."I fail to see what is wrong with this definition. Sure, it might be rather vague, but it seems to me to be a usable definition. I like to know what you believe is wrong about it.
Socialism entails the complete abolition of capitalism. Sure community control of the MoP might be a part of it, but nowhere does the definition mention the abolition of wage labour, the abolition of the commodity form, the self abolition of classes by the proletariat, etc. Community ownership of the MoP is too incomplete and incoherent of a definition of what socialism really entails.
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