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It took him three years

Posted by: mtnba2k on 9/9/2017 2:20 PM

Regardless, we both agree that the current system is not optimal. So what should we do here?ZILLER: I still like my own proposal from last year to expand the draft, abolish the age minimum and give teams three Development Roster spots with favorable cap treatment. The devil's in the details, of course -- you don't want major reform to the system to have adverse affects in other ways. But there are enough smart people at

NBA HQ to implement such a system in a way that maximizes the benefit of building a true farm league.To be clear, I don't think pro basketball teams are far better equipped to help young people transition into adulthood. I think it's far better equipped to help elite basketball amateurs transition into professional basketball players.

Most players are still going to go to college, as was the case from 1995 through 2005. Most will get what they need in 1-4 years there. Few will regret having done so. But for the very best prospects or the academically challenged (or those simply morally opposed to plying their trade on a volunteer basis for a billion-dollar industry), there should be another option.What do you think the league should do?

It's interesting that one side focuses on the success stories like KG, Kobe and LeBron while the other fixates on the failures. No matter the system, the Ndubi Ebi's are going to wander, the Lenny Cooke's won't pan out and the Leon Smith's of the world need help that frankly, most professional enterprises will be ill-equipped to handle.What I'm most interested in are the Amir Johnson's. His path follows your D-League model as well as anyone.

It took him three years before he even remotely started to contribute and by the time he was really ready a year or two later, he was already out the door. I think the league should consider extending the development timetable.One of the biggest barriers to fairness is the rookie wage scale. It's odd that while entry into the league is dependent on age, free agency is based on experience. I'd like to see a sliding scale put in place where all players on guaranteed rookie contracts become free agents by a certain age.

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