Karens Late Night

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Karens Late Night

Karen was dead tired. She?d been at the office since six that morning and was functioning on four hours of sleep. She hesitated from her work long enough to glance at the clock. It was 10 o?clock. She?d been working for sixteen hours. She knew she was somewhat of a workaholic but this was ridiculous. She promised herself then and there that as soon as this case was finished, she?d take a nice long vacation away from the law firm and this /crazy/">crazy city life. Karen gathered her papers and put those she was taking home in her briefcase. After retrieving the black heels she?d kicked off earlier in the day, she left her office, turning out the light.

As Karen made her way to the elevator, she noticed a light in another office. ?Did Frank leave his light on again?? she wondered. Karen headed over to flip it off but it wasn?t Frank?s office, it was Mark?s. She poked her head in to find Mark still at his desk.
?Doesn?t anyone sleep around here?? she asked.

Startled, Mark spun around in his chair. ?Apparently not,? he said, giving her a smile. She found herself smiling back at him. His was infectious. ?You heading home?? he asked her.
?Yes, finally. Long day,? she answered.
?Want to make it a little longer?? he asked. ?Come have a drink with me.?

She didn?t know why or how, but somehow the words ?Alright, why not,? escaped her lips. The next thing she knew she was sitting in a crowded bar room in deep conversation with her coworker. It seemed like they talked about everything that night. Their histories, their futures, office gossip, sports, politics, they covered all the bases. Karen had a nice little buzz going and as Mark spoke, she gazed at him. He had dark features, very strong features too. He had laugh lines and a funny little line at his eyebrows from years of concentration and pouring over cases. He smiled while he talked to her and his eyes seemed to light up a bit when theirs met. He had grey blue eyes and Karen couldn?t rip her eyes away from them.

The conversation turned to dating and romances. It was established subtly that they were both single. As Karen told a horror story about an old boyfriend, Mark suddenly cut her off. ?Do you want to come over for a glass of wine? I have some great records.?

Again, Karen?s mouth went before her brain realized what she?d said. Minutes later, they were in a taxi on the way to Mark?s apartment. They made small talk on the way and up the elevator to his door. Once inside, Mark handed Karen a glass of red and turned to put on some music. Karen looked him over as she sat on the couch. Still in his suit from the day, he was a good dresser. Nice leather shoes. Nice tie. He turned and took off his jacket and tie. He rolled up his sleeves too as he poured a glass for himself and joined her on the couch. They looked at each other without saying anything. It was a good silence though. The kind of silence that makes you think, I really do have a connection with this person, we can say nothing at all and still be in deep conversation. Mark set his wine glass down. Karen leaned forward to follow suit and as she leaned back upright, Mark met her with indian santali xvideo a kiss. It was light, just a brushing of lips lasting only a few seconds. He broke contact and leaned back, looking for a reaction from Karen. She leaned forward and kissed him back. Mark slid his hand up, brushing her hair back and holding her face in his large hand.

The kiss turned into kisses and grew more passionate by the minute. Mark paused and moved downward, kissing Karen tenderly on the neck. He moved down to her collarbone and the tiny V her breasts were making at the opening of her shirt. He returned to her lips and his hands began to wander over her back. She did the same, reaching up under his shirt to run her hands over his well-muscled back. She moved her hands around to the front and ran them over his chest. He followed her this time, caressing her breasts through her bra. She was starting to get heated and by the bulge in his suit pants, she could tell he was too. She slowly undid the top of his pants, running a finger down his treasure trail. He removed her shirt and she was left in her bra and skirt. His shirt was soon off and was tossed aside, soon followed by the rest of their clothes.

They were getting passionate now as Mark caressed Karen?s breasts one at a time and she rubbed his cock. They were standing in the middle of his living room so Mark decided to move them to the bedroom. He pulled her in close to him and enveloped her in a passionate kiss. He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around him, feeling his cock poke her in the ass. He laid her down on the bed breaking their kiss. He made a line of kisses from her neck down to just above her pussy. He kissed alain lyle porn the insides of her thighs and her stomach, making a fire for her down below. He stood back up and took his cock in his hand. He placed the head at her entrance and rubbed it up and down. When it made contact with her clit, Karen felt a wave of pleasure roll over her body. She wanted him in her, now, ?Now, now, now!?

He entered half way, sending intense pleasure to them both. Pulling out again, this time he entered up to his balls, plunging in all the way. A moan escaped Karen?s lips as they began to build a rhythm. He was well endowed, seven inches, and she was loving every bit of it. They began to sweat as their passion built. They moved faster and faster as they both neared a /climax/">climax. In and out, his cock went deep inside her. She bucked her hips up to meet his every thrust. She felt his cock tense as he felt her pussy walls tighten. Three more thrusts and cum began to spurt from his pulsing cock. Her pussy walls spasmed as an intense orgasm shook her body, curling her toes and making her cry out. He pumped into her until he was dry and they lay on top of one another in the aftershock. His used cock slid from her as he leaned over to whisper in her ear, ?You?re so beautiful Karen.? And with that he kissed her again lightly on the lips. They fell asleep in each other?s arms and when they awoke, they did it again. Karen thanked God she?d stayed late that night.