My Ultimate Birthday

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My Ultimate Birthday

We were fresh out of new ideas when it came down to trying to figure out what exciting things we could do this year for my birthday. Last year I had the two girl show during a party for my birthday. The year before that Aundra invited Sherri and another friend to take me out and show me a good time! Previous birthdays before that always involved something sexual?an orgy one year, a stripper show another year, a /blonde/cute-blonde/">cute blonde, etc. Since we are in a small town there isnt much for entertainment here and finding other open minded girls was not an easy task. So it was beginning to look like the streak of sexual birthday presents was at an end when I told Aundra that I finally figured out what I wanted. I wanted her to be my /slave/sex-slave/">sex slave for the day. 

I told her I wanted to dress her any way I wanted and make her do anything for me for the entire day. She agreed as this took the pressure off of her to come up with a cool idea and I think the thought of being a sex slave kind of turned her on. I dont think she realized the kinds of things I had in mind though! But once she agrees to something she goes through with it so there was no backing out now. 

On the day of my birthday, around 6:00pm, I told Aundra that it was time for her to shower. When she got into the shower I opened the shower curtain and handed her the razor. I told her to shave her pussy completely. She had done this before so it wasnt that big of a deal to her but it caught her off guard. She agreed and took the razor from me and I closed the curtains. When she got out of the shower I had her outfit laid out on the bed. I had her short (and I mean super short) black skirt (its the one she was wearing during her first interactive virtual date) and a tiny black top that barely covers her breasts. 

The outfit left a lot of skin showing in her midsection which bared her navel ring (which I like) and her ass barely peaks out the bottom of the skirt. For footwear I had her put on her leather boots that she got in New Orleans?the ones that come up to her thighs. I also made her put on her leather collar that we got in New Orleans and the leather handcuffs that match. I then attached a leash to the collar and told her it was time to hit the town. Take in mind that Im not much of a dom and not really into the whole BDSM thing but I like leading Aundra around by a leash! We got into the jeep and headed out for fun. 

Now I have to give you a little background on where we are. We are located in a very tiny town in Louisiana. The population is around 5,000 or so and their way of thinking dates back 20-30 years or so. A few people know that we do the websites but most people just think were really strange. There is only one bar in the entire town and its usually crowded with around 50 people ranging from 18 to 60. The drinking age is 21 here (I think) but somehow there are always 18-20 year old people in the bar. So our first stop was to show off my /new/new-sex/">new sex slave to this little hick-bar and see how things went! If nothing else it was a good start to get some cheap drinks in us and to shock a few people. Plus I know the guy who owns it and he likes us and doesnt give us any shit if we start getting /crazy/">crazy in the bar. Hes even done a few photos with us in the past. 

We entered the bar and as we suspected we got ALL the stares. The bar was relatively empty for a Wednesday night. It was around 8:00pm though so it was still early. There were roughly 20 people in the bar, around 10 sitting at the bar itself, 5-6 roaming around the table area and 4 or so in the gaming area playing pool. We sat at the bar next to a guy we know (Ill just call him N) and ordered a couple of beers. N knows that we do the sites so he figured we were in for something strange this evening and asked us what was going on. I told him it was my birthday and that Aundra was being my sex slave for the evening. Intrigued he asked what exactly that meant. I told him that she had to do whatever I told her to do. I told him Id give him an example and I told Aundra to show him her freshly shaved pussy. Aundra obeyed and spread her legs, causing the skirt to ride up her thighs, giving N a perfect view of her pussy. 

N had seen a lot of our photos before so he wasnt all that shocked at the site of her pussy. I took a glass salt shaker off the bar and told Aundra to suck it like she would a cock. She took the shaker from me and wiped it clean with her napkin and then stuck it in her mouth. She began moving it back and forth and running her tongue along the sides of it. At this point we were starting to draw a little bit of attention from the rest of the bar and the bartender (Ill call him G.) started whooping. I told Aundra to take the, now lubricated, salt shaker and fuck herself with it. She took the shaker from her mouth and slowly pushed it inside her pussy. At this point salt is going all over the place and all over Aundra but she handles it like a trooper and starts slowly fucking herself with the shaker. Now N is shocked and he stares at us with a gaping stupid look on his face. G tried to peer over the side of the bar and he asked me what was going on. I told him the story and filled him in on where we were so far. G. is a pretty cool guy and enjoys seeing women as much as the next guy so he suggested she move back a little away from the bar so he could see. I told Aundra to scoot her barstool against the wall (about 5 feet from the bar) so we could all get a good shot. 

She pulled the shaker out and stood off of her stool, moved it against the wall and resumed her position. From her new position everyone on our side of the bar could see what she was doing. There was one older couple and another guy on our side of the bar and they were all checking out the action. I dont think the older chic was all that impressed because she immediately got up and went off towards the bathroom. Aundra continued her ?dildo? action with the salt shaker while we all sat at the bar drinking our beers. I told Aundra to rub her clit with her other hand and she immediately put her fingers in her mouth to give them a good lube and then started rubbing her clit. The older guy leaned over and asked me if she was my girlfriend and why I was letting her do this in a bar. I told him she was my fuck slave and that she had to do anything I wanted. He moved back to his stool and gave me a little disappointing grunt but he never took his eyes off of Aundra pussy! At this point the other guy at the bar got up off of his stool and approached me. He asked me what was going on and I explained the entire situation to him. After I explained the story to him I asked him if he wanted to be part of the show. 

He asked me what I meant and I told him to go hold his fingers up in front of Aundra mouth. He did and I told Aundra to suck his fingers. After she sucked and licked all over his hand I told her to take the shaker out of her pussy and xxx to let this guy finger her. He asked her if it was O.K. and she told him that whatever I said goes. So he took his fingers out of her mouth and hesitantly pushed it inside her. Aundra leaned back against the wall to give him a better angle and I told him to push another finger in. He did and at this point really got into it and started banging her hard with his two fingers. Aundra responded with a few moans and arched her back. I looked across the bar and the older chic was back from the bathroom and was talking to the bartender. I figured she was complaining but I didnt want to stop. If they wanted to kick us out theyd have to go ahead and do it! I looked back at the guy fingering Aundra and noticed he was rubbing his crotch with his free hand. I told him to let Aundra do that and told Aundra to take care of that for him. 

She responded and started caressing his cock through his jeans. I told her to take it out and he immediately stopped and said that he didnt feel comfortable taking his dick out in front of all the people at the bar. I told him that no one could see other than the few people on our side of the bar but he still insisted that he was too shy. I suggested we move to the bathroom. He agreed to that. So I led Aundra to the bathroom by her leash while everyone from the bar to the pool room checked us out. N. and this other guy (he never told us his name) followed us and we went into the girls bathroom. The guys bathroom in this bar is tiny and pretty gross and the girls bathroom is huge with a nice couch and several stalls. There wasnt anyone in the bathroom and I moved Aundra to the back near the couch and told her that she should now take this guys cock out. 

She unbuttoned his pants and took out this guys dick. He was rock hard (who wouldnt be) and she slowly started licking the tip of it. The guy closed his eyes (I think he was real nervous about this whole deal) and Aundra started going to town, going way down on his cock and then rubbing it with her fist. N. asked if he could get in on this and I told him to take his out and let Aundra start stroking it. He did and I told Aundra to use her other hand to start jerking N. off. She stopped giving the other guy head and went down on N. a few times to get him good and wet. Then she resumed her job on the other guy while she jerked off N. At this point some girl came into the bathroom, walked into the back where we were, saw us, turned around and walked straight back out. I kinda laughed and then heard moans of someone about to cum. I turned back to the action just as N. was letting loose. He didnt cum that much but what he did shoot came out and went right onto Aundra shoulder above her breast and then down onto her top. 

She never missed a beat on her blowjob and N. pulled away and started to zip up. A few minutes later this other guy started moaning and Aundra didnt miss a drop as he shot his load all in her mouth. When she was done she looked at me and smiled and asked me how that was. I told her it was hot and that we should go back out to the bar now. She started to wipe up the cum off of her shoulder and I told her that she wasnt allowed to do that, that she must keep the cum all over her for the rest of the night. She said it was my night so O.K. and I led her and the two freshly satisfied guys out of the bathroom. 

Once we got out of the bathroom we noticed a few more stares. We decided to stay in the pool area and play some foosball. The pool area is a side room off of the main bar so its slightly more discreet. People still have to walk through to get to the bathroom but if you stand in the right places you cant be seen by other people in the bar. There were two guys shooting pool next to the foosball table. I took the side near the wall and Aundra took the side near the pool table. I told Aundra to hike up her already short skirt to expose more ass. She did and we started our foosball game. One of the guys playing pool made a comment that mentioned something about Aundra ass. I couldnt really hear it because the music was pretty loud but Aundra turned to them and said thanks. I looked over and asked them if they wanted to play some foosball. 

They decided that that was a much better idea than pool and agreed. I told Aundra to come over to my side near the wall and be my partner and suggested that the two guys play against us as a team. They agreed and Aundra moved over to my side of the table. The introduced themselves as T. and J. During the play I hiked her skirt all the way up over her ass. Her pussy was right about table level so you could just barely tell from the other side that I had her skirt up. No one else in the bar would have been able to notice. I then unbuttoned my pants and moved up behind Aundra. I was hard from the bathroom experience and easily slipped into her already /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. The guys were staring at us and J. made a comment that we were crazy. I told them that if they could beat us at foosball then they could take turns being Aundra partner and could take my position. They immediately became the Pele of foosball and without my help (I was busy fucking Aundra, remember?) they easily beat us. I wasnt ready to cum so I buttoned up my jeans and moved over to the far side of the table. The guys flipped a coin as to who would be Aundra partner and the T. let out a little yelp of delight when he won and moved over. 

He actually played a few balls of foosball for real while he groped at Aundra bare ass and played with her pussy. After the third point he decided that was enough and he moved over behind Aundra and unzipped his pants. For the next several points me and J. made all the shots while Aundra and T. were busy. T. must have been a pretty big guy because Aundra was moaning like she always does when she gets fucked by a /cock/large-cock/">large cock. I would have been concerned that the rest of the bar would be able to tell what was going on except the music was so loud that I was sure no one could hear. After a couple more points T. let out a moan and he pulled out of Aundra and came down her inner thigh and down her leg. He said he wanted to run up to the bar for a second for a beer and he zipped up and headed out for a second. Aundra caught her breath as J. and I continued to wallop her in foosball. When T. got back he handed us all new beers. I told J. that it was his turn as Aundra partner and he moved over to her side of the table. He wasted no time playing foosball but asked if Aundra could help get him hard that he was a bit nervous. I told Aundra to lean down and suck him for a minute or two and she squated down and took out his cock. It didnt take long and after a few seconds he was hard as they get and he pulled her up and she moved to her foosball position. J. got behind her and went to town as T. and I pretended to knock the foosball around the table. Aundra didnt even play and she had her eyes closed as she leaned way over the table to give J. better access. 

Another guy walked through the room to head to the bathroom and he looked over at us but didnt have a real clear shot of Aundra and didnt suspect a thing as he walked into the bathroom. J. pulled out quietly and shot his load all over Aundra ass and that too dribbled down her thighs and legs. J. took his position at the foosball table and we finished up the game. The guy that was in the bathroom came back out and walked on through back to the bar and never even had a clue what was going on. After the game I told Aundra she could push her skirt back down and we headed up towards the bar. J. and T. said thanks and they stayed behind to shoot more pool and obviously discuss their latest adventure! As Aundra walked towards the bar in front of me I could see cum all down her right leg. We sat up at the bar and I ordered Aundra a Tequila shot. As we were sitting there a buddy of mine came in (Ill call him C.) and sat down next to us at the bar. He said he just stopped in to see who was at the bar and that he was going over to Natchez (thats a slightly larger town about 10 miles away in Mississippi) and asked us if we wanted to go. I said sure. He has a pretty big car (like a towncar or something) that has a full front seat and I told Aundra to sit in front and I climbed into the back. As we drove out of the parking lot I began my story of Aundra the Sex Slave and he was all ears. 

He, too, knows that we do the sites but has never really experienced anything that we do. I told Aundra to pull her top off for the ride over and she removed her little black top. C. noticed the darker stain on it and said shed spilled her beer and she corrected him and told him it was cum. Shocked, he asked us what wed been doing all night and we filled him in. He didnt really believe that wed done all the stuff (especially the foosball game) so I asked him if he wanted a blowjob from Aundra during the trip over to Natchez. He said sure so I told Aundra to get busy! She laid down in the front seat and undid his pants. He sat up a bit as she pulled his pants down to his knees and started in on his cock. C. was pretty much silent as we drove along and I sat over the front seat and enjoyed the show. I reach over the seat and started playing with Aundra pussy and using the juices that were already there I lubed up my finger and started fucking her in the ass with it. She was busy with C. and he started making gKevins over to her ass to see what I was doing. I told C. to pull down the levee road and then when we got to a spot I know about I told him to pull over to the side of the road. He did and I moved over into the front seat. 

I told Aundra to climb on her knees with her butt towards C. I pulled out my dick and as she moved into position and pulled her head down onto my cock and she started sucking. I told C. to fuck her. He was already hard so he moved into position and started fucking her. He had seen me /fingering/ass-fingering/fingering-her-ass/">fingering her ass earlier so he licked his finger and stuck it in her ass as he fucked her. Aundra was stroking and sucking my dick and C. asked me if he could /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-her-in-the-ass/">fuck her in the ass. I told him to go for it, but be easy at first. He pulled out of her pussy and stuck the tip of his cock in her ass. He was an average size guy so I didnt figure hed hurt Aundra much and I went back to enjoying my blowjob. Soon after C. was pumping like crazy as he pounded her ass. That was about as much as I could handle and I started cumming in Aundra mouth. Right before I was done I pulled out of her mouth and shot a little bit on her lips and chin. It wasnt very much but just a little dribbled down her chin and I told her she couldnt wipe it off. C. didnt last much longer and he came all inside her asshole. I crawled back into the backseat and asked C. if he believed me now. He smiled and said he wouldnt doubt me again and we resumed our drive to Natchez. Once we crossed the bridge I told Aundra she could put her top back on. 

We went to an old bar in the "Under the Hill" district of Natchez which is like an old town type area. The bar is simply called "The Saloon" and there were roughly 30 people there. C. knew some of the people there so we went up to their table and sat down. It was two girls and four guys. I had seen the girls before in Ferriday but had never seen any of the guys. C. introduced them as co-workers. We ordered drinks and chatted with them for a while. I was wondering where I was going to be able to slip in the Sex Slave info and as the thought went through my mind C. blurted out that Aundra was a slave for the evening and that if any of the guys needed any special attention that they should talk to me. Ironic that my desire was to shock people in these small towns and here C. had shocked me by being so blatantly open with his co-workers. I decided that he must know them all very well! The girls didnt even seem shocked by this news and C. went on to say that wed had a great ride over from Ferriday. The guys were very interested though and they were prying for more information about the ride over. C. gave them a play by play account of the trip over and the entire table stayed glued to the story. After C. finished up the story one of the guys (who introduced himself as A.) asked if we wanted to go play some darts. We all picked up our beers and headed towards the game room. 

The game room in The Saloon is similar to that of the bar in Ferriday in that its slightly separated from the rest of the bar. Unless the place is packed the game room doesnt get much traffic and the doorways leading into it are so small that one person can block it. The eight of us entered the room (which is slightly cramped for eight) and I picked up the darts (its a plastic tip board and I hate plastic tip boards, but I figured it would be fun anyway and now that we were in a more discreet area I just knew things were going to get crazy.) A. asked me if I wanted to play a game of 301 and I accepted. The two girls started in on a pinball game and one of the other guys (he later introduced himself as C. which makes the story confusing so Ill call him C2) asked Aundra if she wanted to play pinball on the other machine. She accepted and C. and the two other guys chatted and sipped their beers. While Aundra was taking her turn at pinball I told her to lift up her skirt to show C2 her ass. She did and C2 grinned and admired her cum-soaked ass. He ran his hands over it as she was playing but it didnt last long before she lost her turn. As C2 moved around her to take his turn I told Aundra to reach around him and massage his crotch as he played. 

He managed to keep the ball in play for a few seconds before he lost his concentration and lost his turn. He spun around in his position and unzipped his pants to let his cock hang out. From his position only A. and I could see what was going on and the girls kept playing their game and C. and the other guys continued their discussion. I told Aundra to kneel down and help him out! She dropped to her knees and started licking C2s dick. It didnt take long for C. and the other guys to notice something was up and they maneuvered to get a better look. The girls noticed too but kept to their game. I asked the guys to make a semi-circle around the area so that we wouldnt be noticed by the rest of the bar and they agreed and made a good blockade. Aundra got busy and sucked C2 like a champ. If youve never had a blowjob from Aundra you dont know what youre missing and it usually doesnt take her long before youre ready to blow your load. C2 didnt last very long either and he moaned a little as he shot down Aundra throat. She caught every drop. 

The girls dismissed themselves to the bathroom and headed out of the game room. Aundra stood and resumed her turn at pinball. C2 zipped up and one of the other guys asked me if he could fuck Aundra. I told Aundra to lift up her skirt and bend over the pinball machine. C2 porn videos download also dismissed himself and went off to the bathroom as the other guy (I think his name was D. but Im not really sure so thats what Ill call him for the story) mashed up against Aundra to work his dick hard. A few minutes later he had his dick out and was fucking Aundra against the pinball machine. Our semi-circle was pretty much shot to hell now that it was just me, C., A. and the last guy (I never got his name either, Ill just call him Z.) working as blockade.