Karols First Time

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
Karols First Time

((this is fictional, it is not based on any person. If they happen to remind you of some one, it's not my fault. NEVER TRY THIS IN REAL LIFE))

Karol drug herself threw the front door of her mother's apartment. She was young, 14 actually. She had long light brown hair, very beautiful brown hazel eyes, and lightly tanned skin. Her breasts were small, 32 b cup but it fit well with her tall body. She hand long legs, with thick thighs and pretty thin waist. It didn't matter how beautiful she was, she was subconcious about her looks, rarely dated. She'd never even had a boyfriend, hell.. she'd never even been really kissed.

She grumbled some words as she went to her room. "Another werry day and Hell Hole High.." She thought to herself as she threw herself on her bed. She buried her head in a pillow, turning on some music and drifted away from the world for a few hours.

Her eyes fluttered open, she hadn't even realized she had fallen asleep. She sat up and rubbed her eyes, not knowing what had brought her back. She was then informed as she heard for the the rapping on the door. She checked herself to make sure she was still dressed. Of course, in her over pull punk-green covered hoodie. Then a pair of large baggy levi's. Her shoe's were her favorite pair of hiking boots. It wasn't flatterning but it was comfortable. She stood and grabbed a bandana and wrapped it around her head. "I'm coming," she yelled as she left the room and walked to the front door.

Her hand real forced anal against her will wrapped aorund the knob and she unlocked it, pulling it open. Her eyes big with who she saw standing before her, but her face staied solemn. "Oh hi, Ryan what are you doing here?" It took all of Karol's effort to keep her voice striaght.

Ryan was 15 and already stood a good half a foot over her. His hand was leaning against the frame and he was smiling down at her with his cherry red full lips. His light blue eyes was holding a certain glint. He was wearing a wife beater tank top that showed of his musculare body from football and weight training.His pants weren't even pants but a pair of basketball shorts. Karol couldn't take her eyes off his nice body, and had stayed up a many night dreaming about those bright red lips and muscle covered body. She swoled hard. Without a word, Ryan stepped inside shutting and what seemed...LOCKING! the door behind him.

She looked at him puzzled as she walked farther back into the living room. She'd known Ryan since she was 4, growing up in the apartment next to him. in the past years they'd kinda faded apart as friends but she was still shocked to see him. He knew her mom would be out of town for the next three days. He also knew she wasn't suppose to have company ver without her mom. "Ryan.. what are you doing here?" Karol demanded.

Ryan continued grinning at her. He took a step closer putting his hands on Karol's shoulders. "Karol.. how long has it been since we've really talked... Well.. it doesn't matter.. I didn't come to talk. Karol.. I'm tired of seeing your sexy body covered in those clothes. I'm tired of seeing you ever day and going home and haviong to masterbate thinking about you. I want you Karol.. and there's nothing your going do or say that's going to make me stop." Karol pulled away from him puzzled. She was scraed but also how he was speaking to her was getting her so horny. Her nipples were so hard she was sure they were sticking out threw her bra, tank top and hoodie. She wasn't sure if she should be flattered or now.. but her heart was racing.

He took a step closer. She took a step back, but he grabbed her pulling him into an embracing, making her cheek rest against his cheek. She sighed and relaxed molding against him. He patted her head. "Karol, what do you have to say?" She turne dna dlooked up at him She felt herself smiling, " I'm not sure.. but I feel the same way about you..." She whispered, it almost hurt to just come out an say it, but she regretted it once she did. He harshly pressed her lips to his, holding her against his hard body. She couldn't have pulled him away if she wanted.

He then pulled back, and grabbed her hand. He pulled her into her room and threw her into the room. Luckly she landed on the bed.* "Stript Karol" he insurcted. Karol looked at him him" what... no! I won't do..." he cut her off. " Karol.. take off your clothes...Now." he said more firmly. She sighed, she wasn't going to win, the way his chin jutted out, she knew that stubborn look.

She sighed and sat up. Her hands went under her hoodie and she pulled it over her head. She also took off the tank-top leaving on the lacey, see threw black bra beneath it. She then stood and kicked off her shoes. She unbotton her pants and slid them off as well. She was wearing a matching see threw thong. The area of her crouch was covered with an opaque material. She looked to him, his eyes were wide with lust.

In the same time Ryan had also gotten undressed. Though she was in undergarments, he was naked. His long hard shaft poked out from his body. She smiled and blushed largely. He was 8 1/2 inches long, two and half inches wide. He steped closer. She laid Karol back on the bed, putting a knee on either side of her hip. He leaned down and they were once again lock in a passionate tongue twister. She felt Ryan's hand brush against the panties she wore. Then in one quick movement they were torn off her body. He pushed between her legs.

Before she could say a word he hand lined his rock hard head rubbing against her slit and clit. In one quick hard thrust he had pushed his entire shaft into her sex. She screamed as her hymen broke. It took all her will, and biting into her lip to from screaming. As he pulled out they both saw his bulging shaft was filled with was covered in her blood and tissue. He then thrust back hard into her letting out a long grunt. He kept himself deep in her as took in the feeling of her tight virgin pussy. He then pulled back and pushed in, hard and fast each time. After a few moments of pain, Karol's body was now being overcome with the incrediable pleasure.

He would push into her and pause for a moment then give her four or five long long hard thrusts then repeat this. After twenty or so mintues of this, she was on the edge of her first . He grinned and removed his entire shaft, rubbing the head across her clit, down her slit then to her . He then pressed hard into slit. She moved as she felt it roll threw her body. Moans, passion and heat ran threw her body. With the tighteness of her vaginal walls.. she could see his face turn red. He grunted and his shaft juttered within her. He cam, and he cam hard. Serveral long squirts of his seed filled her stomach and womb. It causing her's to last the longer. He pulled out and plopped on the bed next to her. Both of their chest rising and falling with each breath.

She moved up onto the bed takig deep breaths. He crawled up and joined her. She went under the covers and again he joied her. She pulled to him wrapping her arms around his waist. She smiled and held him warmly. She falling asleep in his grasp. He just grinnned down at her. How he knew how her pussy was going to be in the morning...

THE END! If you want any more... you'll have to wait. E-mail me and tell how much you enjoyed it, maybe it'll inspire me to be even better. But what can I say for my first one?