Lauren Mike Me

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Lauren Mike Me

It was 11:00 PM when Mike and I decided to stop in at the hotel bar for a drink. We were in Atlanta for a conference and had just come from a strip club. Dozens of beautiful /women/">women, none wearing a stitch of clothing. After several beers and a couple of lap dances, neither one of us was ready to go to sleep.

The bar was nearly empty except for four guys at one table and a woman at the bar. The men were loud and having a good time. They didn't seem to notice the woman. I immediately recognized her as one of the people attending the conference. Only instead of the business-casual look from earlier in the day, she was now wearing a black mini dress that clung to her just enough to showoff her shapely body. She was about my age, 40, or maybe a little older but obviously in good shape.

After striking up a conversation with her about the conference I moved to the stool next to hers and then invited Mike over. I knew he was as horny as I was after spending the evening in a room full of naked women, but he was only 25 and a little shy so he let me do most of the talking. She told us her name was Lauren, she was married but left the hubby at home so she could have a good time. It did not take long for the conversation to turn to sex. We admitted that we had been to a strip club. At that, her eyes lit up and she wanted to know all the details. I knew things were going well and found myself wishing Mike wasn't there. He was younger and, while I'm in pretty decent shape, he was in great shape with muscular arms, big chest, and not a hint of a beer belly. Not the type of competition I wanted.

When the bartender called for last call Lauren asked, "you guys aren't ready to call it a night yet, are you? I have some wine in my room, want to join me?" Without hesitation I agreed but Mike, probably sensing I didn't want him around, said he was going to bed. To my frustration, Lauren pleaded with him to join us. I couldn't blame him for agreeing though. I don't think any man would be able to say no to her.

Back in her room, Lauren excused herself to the bathroom. She returned a few minutes later wearing a shear bathrobe, tied loosely at her waist. After some small talk, in which she complained that her husband never wanted to try anything new in bed, I went to the bathroom. When I came out Lauren and Mike were both lying on the bed kissing. He was on his back bokep sma pecah perawan and she had one leg thrown over him with her robe wide open. A little surprised, I said, "I guess that leaves me the odd man out" to which she replied, "You stay put. Do you think I'm not woman enough to handle both of you?" That was all the coaxing I needed. In seconds I was out of my clothes and on the
bed with Lauren and Mike. With my stomach to her back, I started kissing her neck while slowly moving my hand down her stomach. My cock was hard between her legs. Meanwhile, Mike was licking and caressing her breasts. Lauren had Mike's rock /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick out of his jeans and was stroking it with her hand. I found myself fixated on his engorged manhood. It was much larger than my average sized dick. It must have been eight inches.

As Lauren licked Mike's chest and slowly ran her tongue down his stomach I found her pussy and pressed myself inside her. She was so hot and moist I almost shot my load right then. I started fucking her pressing my pelvic bone tight against her /soft/soft-ass/">soft ass then pulling out until only my helmet remained inside her, then all the way back in. Lauren was moaning and by now was going down on Mike fast and hard. I was amazed watching as her lips went almost to his balls with each down stroke. I wondered if I could do the same thing
without gagging. I could tell by the look on Mike's face that he was about to blow his load into Lauren's welcome mouth. Bucking he grunted in spasms. As he relaxed I could see a trickle of /semen/">semen dripping from Lauren's mouth as she licked him clean. With that I unloaded my seed deep inside her. Lauren turned to me and with a smile kissed me forcing her tongue deep in my mouth. Her mouth was still filled with creamy salty cum. "Does it taste good?" she asked. Surprisingly, it did.

Next it was Lauren's turn. Mike and I took turns at eating her pussy and licking her /tits/huge-tits/">huge tits. She was moaning so loud I knew anyone in the next room would hear her. Finally she screamed in an orgasm that seemed to last forever. The three of us collapsed in a pile of human flesh. Lauren was on her back and my head was resting on her neatly trimmed mound. Mike still had his mouth on Lauren's breast and his cock was just inches from my face.

After a few minutes, Mike's cock was hard again. Lauren took my hand and placed it on him. I hesitated at first but the look on his face told me he didn't mind. I started stroking him until a drop of pre-cum came to the tip of his velvety head. I licked it and savored the taste. Then I started licking his shaft from top to bottom, gently washing his balls with my tongue. I knew I was doing it right because he was moaning and starting to gyrate his hips. Then I put my lips over his head and took him as for as I could into my mouth continuing to massage his balls while I sucked his shaft. Having a dick in my mouth was so arousing I felt like I would cum on the sheets. Lauren must have read my mind because she started washing my
cock with her tongue and sucking me like she was starving for my cum. I couldn't hold it any longer and came deep in her throat. By then Mike was pushing down on the back of my head and saying "suck it, suck it." I did until he shot his load over old waman xxxgx my tongue.

I never would have thought that on my business /trip/">trip I would end up in bed with a beautiful woman, a hard bodied guy, and a mouth full of cum, and be completely content. We woke about noon and all took a shower together. Lauren fucked both of us one more time before we left for our own rooms. We haven't seen Lauren since that week but Mike and I are best friends. We both prefer women but how many women want sex everyday, even when they have a headache. We often go to lunch together in my van. Five minutes sucking each other and we are relaxed for the rest of the day.